How Do We Do it?

Aham Pathami is a No Cost Book Reading and Sharing Community in two cities of India – Gwalior & Ujjain. 🙂

Aham Pathami has following format of functioning –

  • Interested people have to register themselves through a google form and become a member of Aham pathami ( once & for all) .

  • Once they have registered successfully, we provide them an unique Member ID.

  • Aham Pathami conducts 2 sessions of book reading and sharing each month. These sessions are called ‘paksh’ and are named as Krishna & Shukl Paksh.

  • The first 15 days of each month come under Krishna Paksh and last 15/16 days come under Shukl Paksh and members can request one book each paksh.

  • The Books are requested in first two days of Paksh and returned in last two days of paksh. Re-issue option is available. 🙂

  • Every book in our stick has a unique Book ID and an easily scannable QR Code.