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Aham Pathami

Aham Pathami, an initiative by Shraddha Singh and Akshat Agrawal, brings in an unique network of reading and sharing amazing books.

Join Us
Join us for free. Become our member in the city. Be a part of our community and connect with other book lovers.

We have a good collection. Read your demanded title and exchange or demand books for a new read everytime you finish one.

Boost our collection by  sharing a handful of books (if you have) with us. We wont be taking it from you. Only on demand of any other partner we will ask you to share your title with them for a limited time period. And yes, it is vice-versa as well.

Interact with Reading community in the city. Share your ideas and views in addition with books. We will also try to arrange some of the interactive sessions with all the members of Aham Pathami.

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Shraddha & Akshat
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